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>>>order with your server<<<


Hammerling 2021 "Tilted Mile" $18/72
Fresh with a savory edge. Berkeley-made bubbles from a friend of Daytrip!


Chidaine Touraine Sauvignon 2023 $16/64
Medium-bodied French sipper that pairs with everything :)


Zaro Eazy Oranžna Skin Contact Malvasija  $17/68
Aromatic juice from the Adriatic


Edgar Brutler Sefu Pinot/Syrah Blend 2022 $16/63
*CHILLED RED* Cranberry sour candy! Transylvanian 

Horsefeathers Hire More Felons Pinot/Pais Blend  $18/72
Pinot/pais blend. Light, but serious.
A good friend of the restaurant fermenting fruit in San Francisco.

~our sakes are 3oz pours unless stated otherwise~

Mukai Shuzo 'Ine Mankai' $14 / $68
~super special sake made with an ancient red rice varietal~
tart & umami driven, served room temp

Chikumanishiki 'Kizan Sanban' Nama Genshu $14
fresh & clean, served chilled and great with the Crudo! =)


Temescal Pils $8
A lil’ crispy tap beer16oz.

Temescal Hazy IPA $12
Juicy, tropical, classic hazy from down the street. In a can. 16oz.

all of these drinks are served in wine glasses;
let your server know if you'd like your drink to be served in another style of glass

Wolfpeach Nectar of the Gods $11
Seabuckthorn Oxymel Stone-Fruity & Lightly Tangy Vitamin C-Packed spritzy drink 8oz Seabuckthorn is a small orange treefruit that grows in nordic climates and tastes kind of like a strawberry and a peach made a new fruit but with bright, mouthwatering acidity

Hop Tonic Chamomile Lavender $9
Caffeine-free hop infused sparkling tea

Hop Tonic Lemongrass Jasmine $9
Caffeinated hop infused sparkling tea

!!!FUN STUFF!!! 
savory things, sweet things, and bitter things that don't fit into the categories above, great for anytime but maybe best at the beginning or end of a meal

It's a dry manzanilla sherry to shoot or sip, ur call.

⊂( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)⊃ Eden Orleans BITTER $11
aperitif cider; like Campari but more fun

(o˘◡˘o) Bonal Gentiane-Quina $13
Evolved from quinine bark infusions used to prevent malaria

¯\_(☯෴☯)_/¯ Pasubio Vino Amaro $13
a lil' shot of Valerie's staff pick <3


Check out our wall of bottles of wine, sake, cider, and co-ferments from the shop for the table ;) 

~*~ <3 ~*~


And if you like what you're drinking, check out our beverage clubs! We've got two fun ones -- The Thinker & The Drinker ($70): a one-two punch of one fun, one complex wine, and Anything But Grapes ($50): sake, cider, beer roulette! As a DAYTRIPPER, you also get 10% off all to-go bottles and $5 off in-house bottles. If you wanna know more about the clubs, click the link at the beginning of this paragraph or ask your server. <3

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