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At DAYTRIP, we love telling stories about wines (and other bevs) that we think more people should be drinking. 

Here you’ll find an always rotating selection of wine, sake, cider, and some other things on our wall that we’re always excited about. What drives the selection is asking the question: what does it mean to be community-oriented when making and selling wine, sake, and cider so we look to people who are mentors and community-builders, who are holding onto and reviving old traditions and grapes, and forging their own path. 

The drinks on our wall aren’t all necessarily “natural” but we prioritize farming well, caring properly for a living beverage, and finding joy in the spirit of a drink and learning more about the people who made it. 

When you come into DAYTRIP, you’re more likely to be asked “what’s your vibe?” than “what kind of wine are you looking for?” because we’re interested in building curious drinkers and expanding the conversation within our doors to include drinks on the margins. 

Check our instagram for info about current bottle selections. We don't maintain a list but do often post wall shots in our stories. DM us there if you've got any questions.