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***Before signing up, please read through all the following info!***

Includes the deets you need to know about when you'll be charged, when your first subscription will take effect, and more goodies.

What are my Daytripper club benefits? 

Besides the bottles, you also get: a 10% discount on all to-go bottles, a $5 discount on in-house bottles, serving and pairing suggestions, a bunch of info about the wine, and any recommendations for aging (or not).

When can I pickup my bottle club drop?

All clubs will drop on the 4th Tuesday of the month. You can come in to pick it up between 5pm and close that day, or any day we're open for service after that (for 3 weeks)! We have very little storage space, FYI, so the sooner you get it, the easier you'll be making it on us. :)

What if I can't come on the 4th Tuesday of the month?

No problem! We'll keep your club bottles for up to 3 weeks after the drop date. We can't keep it any longer than that, though, since our storage space is extremely limited. Thanks so much for understanding. You'll still be able to come pick up a couple bottles we select of equal value. <3

When will I get my first club drop?

If you sign up BEFORE 11:59pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, your payment will still make it in time for the next club drop, which is always on the 4th Tuesday of the month.

If you sign up AFTER the 3rd Tuesday of the month, your payment will be for the *next* month's drop.

WHY?! I want my club drop asap!!

And we want you to get it too! However, it takes us about a week to order all the bottles for the upcoming drop. Once we've placed the order, we can't slide anyone more in. But we'll get you your club bevs for the next month, and if you want to stock up in the meantime, you'll already be eligible for your 10% discount on retail bottles. We got you. :)

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged every month on the day you originally signed up. 

Do you ship or deliver?

We don't, sorry! Maybe down the road? Let's see how we do. Email us at if you're interested in delivery and we'll throw you on our waitlist!

Can I skip an order or pause my subscription?

Yes, you can do both directly from your customer portal via our subscription platform, The Third Place.

How can I cancel?

You're able to easily cancel anytime via our subscription platform The Third Place. Please note -- once your card is charged, we can't offer you a refund for that month. That's because we base all of our ordering on the number of club members we have at the time of billing, and it's too late for us to recoup those costs. Thanks so much for understanding.


The Drinker and the Thinker $70

Every month we’ll hit you with a one-two punch of a delicious wine that we love from the bottom of our hearts that you may or may not be able to buy more of and then an absolute banger of a special wine. When we release the wines, we’ll tell you how to serve them, what will happen if you age them (and whether we recommend that), all kinds of things about who made the wine, where they made it and other info that feels important.

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ABG: Anything But Grapes $50

Here’s where we get wild, ok? In the ABG club we’ll put together a couple or few of our favorite sakes, beers, ciders, and maybe even aperitifs to share with you. We love these drinks and want to share our thoughts on pairing food, the processes that make them, and tell the stories of the specific bottles.

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There’s a few perks that club members get: a discount on drinking bottles from the wall in-house (for wine bottles that means $5 off, for reference) and a 10% discount on all to-go bottles from our retail shop. In time, as we start offering classes and other experiences we might add to these perks.

Like all the bevs we sell, we’ll feature things made by people who are catalysts in their community, forging paths, pushing ahead in experimental and thoughtful farming practices, teaching their neighbors, and making things that allow us to learn something about the world around us.